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Beginning stages with Wynn

Firstly it's best to try and find your style as each person is different and individual in what they want, like and need within their space.

Below are some links to our preferred suppliers.

Finishes - Doors, panel, etc
Screenshot 2023-12-31 at 14-39-28 Australia’s Most Trusted Paint Brand for Homes Dulux Pai
Finishes - Bench top options
Screenshot 2023-12-31 at 14-50-41 Minera
Vasari logo.png
Hardware - Bins, pullouts, etc
wilson and bradley logo.png
Handles - Pulls, knobs, etc
kethy logo white_edited.png
Screenshot 2023-12-31 at 15-10-21 Kitche
Screenshot 2023-12-31 at 15-12-50 Australia Cabinet and Kitchen Handles Knobs Online Store

We hope the links above have helped!
To enable a smoother process, the more detail you have to provide us the better. But... don't stress we know these decisions can take some time.
Fill out all your details below
email us with all information of your job, whether it be professional plans, hand sketches, pinterest photos, colours and finishes, etc. Any and all information will help bring us closer to your new dream cabinetry

Thanks for submitting. See ya soon!

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