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Flat Pack Kitchens & Cabinets

Wynn Joinery also provide Flat Pack kitchens and cabinets. They can be made to any size or shape, using the same materials and hardware as our custom made kitchens. You know you're getting a premium quality product with the cost benefit of a Flat Pack. 

Why choose a Wynn Flat Pack?

  1. All of our board is Australian made to Australian Standards 

  2. All of our board is heat and moisture resistant

  3. We use premium European hardware, all with a 25 year or lifetime warranty

  4. There are No Hidden Costs - Prices advertised are all inclusive, including feet, screws, hinges and doors

  5. We are efficient - We can turn around a flat pack kitchen in as little as 48 hours

  6. Simply head to our contact page - submit your details and any additional information you have and we will be in touch

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